Investing In Your 'Vette: Protecting It With Products That Work For A Lifetime

Posted on: 31 August 2017


A corvette is not something you leave to the elements. This is the type of car even your dad dreamed about as a teen. Once you have a 'vette, you need to protect it and make sure nothing damages it or makes a mess of it. A 'vette of any kind increases with value over time as it is a very iconic car. Here are some products that will protect your investment.

Corvette Car Cover

If your 'vette is going to be outside for any amount of time, you should cover it. A corvette car cover will protect the paint job from the damaging rays of the sun, the battering rains, other cars getting too close, and scratches. Keep it mint and keep it covered when you cannot park it inside somewhere.

Wax and Glasscoat

Cleaning and detailing a car such as this requires major upkeep. Detailing products are a must. Wax is a must, especially if you want to maintain that new car shine. Another product, "glasscoat," is wax protection times ten. It can prevent all kinds of damage to your vehicle, including scratches and bird dropping damage. Use one or the other, or use them together.

Chrome Polish

Chrome has its own polishing needs. While wax and glasscoat protect the body of your 'vette, the chrome needs polishing with its own specific polish. Using a chrome polish prevents fender rust, and anywhere else your car has chrome.

Tire Cleaner

Your investment does not look as good if everything is not perfectly clean. Tires should be cleaned regularly too. They go through a lot of mud puddles, dirt, road kill, etc. Additionally, when you clean the tires, you will notice when the tires or brakes should be replaced, something most vehicle owners do not check or see ever.

Vinyl Interior or Leather Interior Protection

Even with the corvette car cover, your vehicle's interior can still have issues. If your 'vette has a vinyl or leather interior, you absolutely should clean and protect it often. Both vinyl and leather can dry out and crack, ruining the original material and forcing you to find someone to restore it. That is a really expensive and time-consuming process when compared to using leather or vinyl cleaner and then rubbing things down with a shammy and oil product afterwards. Keep the interior its beautiful and original self with the automotive products designed to do just that.