Designing A Great Advertisement For A Tarp

Posted on: 26 January 2017


There is no reason why your trucks shouldn't be used to help advertise your business. If your business is using a sliding tarp system, the tarp can be used as a palette to display your advertisements. However, to make your marketing efforts as effective as possible, you will need to design the tarp in an effective manner.

Have A Great Brand

The most common reason for why a sliding tarp design fails to attract the attention of consumers is that the company simply does not have a great brand logo and design. When customers do not recognize your brand or find it interesting, it does not matter how often they spot your brand on a tarp. There are many companies that will not only design your tarp but will design all of your branding. This is ideal if you plan to use tarp systems for advertising frequently because the company will understand how your brand will work when advertised with this medium.

Reconsider Using Photos

Even great, large, high-resolution photos are likely not a good idea when marketing your company because a photo is not a brand identity and will not help customers remember your company as well as a logo. For example, an HVAC company that includes a picture of an AC unit is hard to distinguish from other HVAC companies.

Provide An Accurate Template

Make sure that you have an accurate template of the vehicle so that you can make sure that the design you are working on is to scale. When there are any problems with the design that need to be fixed, the cost of making any corrections can be quite high. In some cases, you may need to purchase the vehicle's blueprint from the website of the truck manufacturer. However, even with a template that is purchased from the manufacturer, there is no guarantee that the vehicle will be identical to the blueprint because there are often slight irregularities for a vehicle.

Size The Truck Up

Another important part of designing the tarp is to take many photos of the truck in order to size it up and get a sense of what type of design will work. Take measurements of each dimension of the vehicle because these measurements will assist the designer in making sure that the design is to scale, minimizing costs. It may be time-consuming to gather all of these details, but doing so will be worth it because your business will have a much better result.